SAPEC develops devices and solutions for high-quality TV signal transport in professional environments.

SAPEC’s objective is to become a worldwide benchmark of professional video compression products.

SAPEC believes in a world where technological obstacles to create and provide content quality no longer exist. SAPEC’s vision is to allow the transport of audiovisual content with professional quality in real time and without limitations.

The idea is that the video can be generated anywhere, but it must arrive to every television, and it must go through different paths: satellite, fibre optics, IP, radio relays… The television channel edits and post-produces it, and inserts comments, subtitles and music, but all must be broadcasted as a whole for it to get to the televisions in our homes, mobile phones, tablets… and SAPEC is there to transport all this.

SAPEC significantly reduces these ways, providing an advantage by reducing the transport cost of that signal.

SAPEC provides a clear added value to the client, by reducing what they would have to pay for carrying the signal from one point to another. To find this value, we look for the best algorithms, the best formulas to compress this signal without losing its quality.

SAPEC counts on the development of its own technology, implemented with advantages and products that we sell to the client.

Our target market are the main Telecommunication operators, TV channels (broadcasters) and video transport services providers. Among our clients we find Telefonica, RTVE, EBU, Televisa, etc.

From mid-2006, SAPEC started its international commercial expansion, reaching distribution agreements with local companies in each country. Nowadays we have offices in Mexico and Colombia; and more than 20 distributors around the world, mainly in South America.

SAPEC’s strategy is to develop technology and solutions for the transport of audiovisual signals that facilitate our client’s success.

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