Technical Specifications

Video IP-X-Point

Application for IP connections

Video IP X Point is an application designed and developed by SAPEC based on the SNMP protocol to establish IP connections between SAPEC encoders and decoders. It can establish IP connections with devices of the Altum, Xavic and Sivac families.

It also allows for sending a flow to a monitoring device such as a PC. Video IP X Point has a user-friendly graphical user interface with an alarm log for devices of the Sivac family (active alarms and alarm history record). Video IP X Point also facilitates access to the configuration of the devices added providing a link to their configuration website.

Video IP X Point shows the status of the connection in each device with a colour code and the generation of alarms. In the representation of the encoders it also shows if the device is emitting an internal signal pattern.

Video IP X Point has three user levels (Monitor, Operator and Administrator) with different levels of permissions and protected with a password. Video IP X Point can save files with connection diagrams so they can be recovered at any time.