At SAPEC, we offer technical training courses on the devices manufactured by SAPEC and on the devices of our distributed brands to provide our customers with the necessary knowledge for their handling, configuration and maintenance.

These courses are essential to make the most of the devices, optimise their configurations and such an important thing as knowing how to react to an incident and proceed in the most suitable way to operate and maintain the devices.

When there is an incident that affects a device, it can also affect a service and it is important to take the appropriate measures to solve it as soon as possible, either changing configurations, replacing the device (for which it is also necessary to configure the spare devices) or replacing a part of the device in question so to ensure that it keeps working correctly. From SAPEC, we also intend to provide our customers with the necessary tools by offering theory training courses on new technologies, video standards, signal transport, etc.

In our sector, ever-changing and constantly developing, SAPEC has industry-renowned qualified professionals capable of training our customers so they are better prepared to face their functions offering our experience and knowledge.


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