In SAPEC, we believe that pre-sales and post-sales technical support is very important because it allows our customers to count on the guarantee of having a group of professionals at their disposal who will help them find the optimal solution for their project and minimise the effect of the incidents that may arise.

One of SAPEC’s commitments it to give support to our customers the moment said incidents happen in the SAPEC devices, either manufactured by SAPEC or by the companies we distribute.

In the case of SAPEC devices, our customer has the guarantee of being supported by the group of people who designed them. This is why we are able to react and take the necessary measures to technically advise and solve the issues that may be caused.

In the case of the devices of our distributed companies, we have the knowledge of the products and, at the same time, the support that we receive from the manufacturer, which stems from the close association that SAPEC maintains with each of the technical and engineering departments of these companies.

Another advantage of the technical support offered by SAPEC is the reassurance of having the latest versions of documentation and firmware, which guarantees the resolution of possible bugs as well as the implementation of new features added to the devices.

SAPEC offers several support packages depending on the customer’s needs regarding times of operation and availability and support level. We provide support formats in accordance with the needs of each company and we adapt to their way of working.