Madrid, May 22, 2024

SAPEC to distribute Video-MOS’ innovative AI-based automated video monitoring solution worldwide

  • SAPEC will leverage over four decades of broadcast experience to bring a unique tool to market.
  • Video-MOS is a leading provider of video and audio quality analysis solutions. Its approach is based on the subjective quality of the signals, leveraging a hybrid model that incorporates AI (Artificial Intelligence) to deliver unparalleled accuracy.
  • The Video MOS software has attracted great interest at events such as the NAB Show 2024 and is now preparing to launch in key markets including Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Madrid, May 22, 2024 .- SAPEC, an expert in the design, development and manufacture of video contribution and distribution solutions for broadcast environments, has announced a strategic agreement for the global commercialization of Video-MOS, a platform that uses AI to automatically monitor video quality in real time, allowing errors to be identified and corrected efficiently and intelligently. Through this agreement, SAPEC and Video-MOS will provide the content market with an innovative quality control solution that offers advanced and customizable tools according to each customer’s needs to ensure the best experience for viewers. The automated monitoring software is based on pillars such as real-time monitoring or AI-based QoE evaluation, as well as advanced features that make its offering unique in the market, allowing users to optimize their processes, reduce their costs and ultimately improve the quality of their content. Carlos Luque, founder of Video-MOS, is very positive about the alliance with SAPEC, which will allow to bring its solution to the local and international broadcast industry: “We are very pleased to announce our agreement with SAPEC, a company with more than three decades of experience and a strong position in Spain and Europe. Our software addresses a growing market and offers a first-class user experience, automated and based on artificial intelligence, from a technical, content and semantic point of view. With SAPEC, we expect to expand our presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, demonstrating how Video-MOS not only improves the quality control of broadcast environments, but also saves all kinds of costs.” Miguel Ángel Cristóbal, CEO of SAPEC, comments: “Video-MOS technology offers a new approach to quality control throughout the video distribution chain, using key concepts for today’s broadcast industry such as subjective measurement and artificial intelligence. The interest in the software from our recent participation at NAB 2024 foreshadows the potential of the solution. We look forward to distributing it globally.”
MOS: AI for QoE
Video MOS software analyzes the subjective video quality of video signals based on the MOS parameter, a numeric score representing the subjective opinion of a group of human observers. It does this by using video analytics and AI to detect freezing, macroblocks, audio loss, overexposure or black frames, among many other variables, all without the need for original reference content.
The system, which incorporates machine learning capabilities, integrates these AI capabilities to determine, for example, whether a black frame is an error or part of the content. The Video-MOS software also features the ability to perform semantic analysis of the signals, making it possible to identify the language in which content is being broadcast, or the number of times a brand or concept appears or is mentioned on screen. In this way, it is able to measure the impact of distortions on viewers according to the type of content, distinguishing between real problems and artistic or informative elements.
Quality control at ingest, playout, last mile or devices… Video-MOS is used throughout the video distribution chain to guarantee the viewer’s experience. Today, the solution is being tested by major Spanish companies as part of concept releases, adapting to the particularities of each company, either by type of content or by specific needs. To this end, the company has an experienced development team that has already customized the system not only in broadcast environments, but also in content management companies, operators or advertising agencies, among others.
Running on a physical server or in the cloud and offered under a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, Video-MOS stands out for being a highly customizable tool based on virtualized microservices (Docker), which reduces installation costs and facilitates integration in all types of environments.
About SAPEC SAPEC is a company based in Spain with offices in Mexico, which designs, develops and manufactures reliable video contribution and distribution solutions for highly demanding broadcast and telecommunications environments. Its solutions allow the transport of audiovisual content with professional quality in real time and without limitations either through satellite, fiber optics, IP, radio links…

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