LAGUNA MEDIA PROCESSOR (LMP) is a multichannel platform developed for video contribution/distribution on HEVC / H.264 / MPEG-2 standards in 3G, HD or SD resolutions.
Each channel can be configured independently as encoder or decoder according to the application requirements. LMP allows any further reconfiguration or upgrade of the Layout by software license installation (Pay as you Grow Scalability).

There are different platform models (SINGLE/DUAL/QUAD/OCTAL) according to the internal processing capacity (number of Engines) and available interfaces. In this way the most efficient platform can be chosen to address the present and future needs of the Project, resulting in both OPEX and CAPEX savings for the customer.

LMP supports on all its versions with features as:

  • SCTE35 <-> SCTE104 Conversion (Bidirectional)
  • SRT
  • Up to 8x PID (audio stereo) per video channel
  • Internal Multiplexer: MPTS or SPTS Output
  • Hot swappable PSU (AC/DC)

LMP is a versatile, compact, and flexible solution able to continuously adapt to the requirements of new projects with a simple reconfiguration. Some of the applications where LAGUNA fits are:

  • DTT Distribution (Compact Headend)
  • Multichannel video contribution
  • Bidirectional links (encoder & decoder channels on same unit)
  • Transport over public IP networks (Internet)
  • UP/DOWN Conversion (encoder)