25th September 2014

Sapec makes a very good track record of IBC 2014, the European appointment of broadcast. The overall visits and interesting projects have been higher than those recorded last year, mainly at the level of Europe’s East and Latin America, which have shown a growing interest in new equipment HEVC, as well as the GREDOS and ALTUM II families devices.

According to José Manuel López, director of marketing and sales of Sapec, “the fair has been very well, from the point of view of people who has been very well thanks to the agenda that we have carried out throughout the year. Indeed, We realised how enthusiastic were our clients in IBC 2014. We’ve seen more people than previous years in the hallways and booth. A different environment, no doubt.” This year the people came not just to visit, but to offer actually projects that we had not seen in previous appointments.



The conquest of Eastern Europe

Sapec has received concrete proposals to already go to Eastern Europe, and therefore will tip over in these markets. The market in Western Europe today is very complicated, but certain countries beyond Austria as Poland, Russia, Belarus and Slovenia, among others, have shown a progressive interest by teams of SAPEC, coming together to the Latin American countries.


Much interest in the HEVC 

Engineers in SAPEC are aware that any new technology needs time, and that therefore the HEVC is a market that will take awhile to get going (the standard was defined a little more than one year ago – in July of 2013-), but in any case the Madrilean company is ready and it has its incredible operational device already at 100%.

José Manuel López talks about HEVC technology, “I’m sure its first large development will not be for television or satellite, but OTT or IPTV, closed environments with control, streaming and so. There is a big interest, and it has left us great opportunities to do projects, at the moment all outside Spain, obviously, but there are very curious to know, what, how and when you are doing, and if the technology is really maturing. People of Eastern companies and our competitors have come to see all this. People are eager to know how to make each product. All our competition went through our stand, and that’s a categorical sign.”

SAPEC is aware of all this and therefore can boast that are among the pioneers of the HEVC, “what we can say is that we are the first that we have a real system running. I say this because many of the things that we have seen at IBC have been demos, files and things as well. Very few have a development like ours. We are above of the competition, including major brands. We are on the crest of the wave, already making all tests of quality, with guarantees of reliability, stability and is something that obviously is going to evolve. It’s a team that has been being tested by several customers in the U.S. and Europe, and from here to end of year we will have 3 or 4 real operation tests”, recalls SAPEC Sales Manager, who, if that stands out that leaders of the regional chain of Catalunya, TV3 have showed a great interest in the H.265.



Nevion and VideoFlow

Talking about partners, there was much interest in Nevion solutions and the integration of VideoFlow tools within the high-end equipments of SAPEC. Just a year ago, after more than one decade working together, SAPEC became the only partner of the Norwegian company Nevion in Spain, offering the complete range of professional solutions. In this short period, the Madrilean company has had great results, and therefore the 2014 IBC Amsterdam has been the perfect place to receive the award as “Best distributor of the year” by Nevion. The ability of SAPEC to position in the market all these product portfolio, with a significant growth over the previous year, has been key to obtaining this award.

These significant data have made that the Norwegian company has awarded to SAPEC this distinction “for selling the entire catalog of products of Nevion, for excellence and knowledge of the product and support, for the commitment and professionalism, and to share and communicate our presence in Spain” (see dedicated press release).

Finally, we highlight that he has caused sensation the emergence of VideoFlow technology on SAPEC’s high-end devices, with numerous visits of international IP contributions companies requiring advice at the level of content broadcast transmissions by public networks to save on service.

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