Our Engineering and Development Department is made up of engineers with extensive experience in the fields of Audio and Video, sectors with which we are completely familiar and where we have a strong presence, developing our own technology for the design and manufacture of professional devices for the Broadcast Video market (video broadcasting with professional quality). Thanks to this, we are able to give our Customers an Engineering service of the highest quality in all our projects, both in the design and development of our own products, and in the consultancy, development and design services for which our customers may require our presence.

The basic functions of the engineering department are:

  • Specification, design and development of new products.
  • Adaptation of the products to the particular needs of the costumers.
  • Several levels of support to installations and customers.
  • Consultancy services for different customer problems.

Sapec has been participating in several national and European research projects for a long time now, mainly within the ITEA-2 y Catrene programs. Depending on the development needs, Sapec develops its own technology, with the design for the basic parts of the system with proprietary hardware. Sapec uses the latest design technologies, mainly making use of:

  • Hardware Developments:

?                     Design of electric circuits of very high density and complexity.

?                     High-performance FPGAs.

?                     Embedded SW systems.

  • Software Developments:

?                     Development of video encoding algorithms within the different standards (MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC…).

?                     Development of specific device-control SW.

?                     Management SW systems for multiple devices.

?                     High-performance servers for different applications.