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HEVC Encoder
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Encoders and decoders with HEVC compression  

AVANTOS is a new and advanced family of encoders and decoders based on the new HEVC (ISO/IEC 28002) compression standard or H.265. This technology allows for maintaining the quality of the video at a lower bit-rate than previous standards, which requires a higher processing capacity. HEVC allows for saving considerable bandwidth, close to 30% with respect to H.264. This is expected to be improved until it reaches savings close to 50%.

AVANTOS solutions family consists of:


Optionally, AVANTOS Solutions supports MPEG-2 and H.264 video compression algorithms (including 422 profiles) due to its high processing capacity. The devices of the HEVC range can be updated with a licence to these compression formats.

Regarding audio, the HEVC encoders offer the option to compress into MPEG-1, AAC and Dolby AC3 and EAC3. Additionally, they can perform a pass-through of Dolby and under the SMPTE302M standard.

The HEVC interfaces for transport available are IP, under the SMPTE-2022 standard with user-configurable FEC and ASI (optional).

HEVC devices maintain all the features of other Sapec devices regarding the vertical blanking interval (VBI), Teletext, OP47, Closed Caption, AFD y WSS… as well as the possibility of having N+1 redundancy and BISS encryption.

AVANTOS devices can be managed from the front using their keyboard and display, as well as the website and SNMP.

The devices only require 1 RU and can be purchased with redundant AC and/or DC power supply.

With the HEVC devices, SAPEC becomes one of the first companies to offer real-time encoders and decoders under this new compression standard.

SAPEC continues to develop its devices towards the last emerging technologies attaching great importance to its R&D+i department and participating in international forward projects. This constant progress results in this new family of HEVC encoders and decoders.