During the past few years, Sapec has acquired the know-how and experience in video compression systems and their interface with telecommunication networks (Fibre Optics, SDH, IP, etc.) to optimise the main customer requirements and at the same time allow the interoperability of the systems using our own technologies.

Among the company’s strengths, in addition to the experience in this type of products and applications, is the design based on the needs of our customers, to whom we always listen, with a high level of integration, our own technology, and the technical support provided from the beginning of the project and during the service lifecycle.

Sapec is proud to say that a very important part of the television signals of events have gone through their devices and solutions at some point.

During the past 15-16 years, there have been many important events and projects that carried signals that reached many millions of people in which we has taken part. Just to mention a few, it is worth pointing out (without wishing to belittle many others):

Contribution network of SD and HD signals of RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television Corporation) between its correspondent stations, regional centres and different landmarks (Senate, Congress, etc).

Primary distribution network of the regional channels of RTVC (National Radio and Television of Colombia).

• Contributions of some venues of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver for the EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

Contributions of the London Olympic Games signal for RTVE and for the EBU between the venues and different European and South American countries.

Contribution network between the football fields in the First Division of the Spanish National Professional Football League for Telefonica and Audiovisual Sport.

Multiple contribution links of national, regional and some international channels towards Movistar TV’s head-end (carrying very varied signals and programs or events of various world championships: Motorcycling, Tennis, Cycling, Car Racing, Golf, etc.).

Contribution network between the different centres of the Spanish regional televisions: Andalusia, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Extremadura.