MPEG-2 SD Encoders and Decoders

Audio encoders Multiplexers

Management Software

SIVAC is a family of devices manufactured and designed by SAPEC consisting of MPEG-2 SD encoders (mod. MVE) and decoders (mod. MVD), multiplexers with ASI interface (mod. MTS), MPEG-1 audio encoders (mod. MAE) and SIVAC NMS management software to manage the settings and alarms of the encoders and decoders. These devices have a strong presence in the market both in contributions and in head-ends.

SIVAC MVE and MVD are multi-purpose devices, since they have the capacity to work in SDH, IP  ASI depending on the chosen model, with one of the lowest consumptions in the market and low encoding/decoding latency, which work with the MPEG-2 algorithm in standard definition (SD) both in 4:2:0 (for distribution) and in 4:2:2 (for contribution). They have audio and video inputs/outputs both digital (SDI, AES, embedded audio) and analogue (CVBS, analogue audio). They process the vertical interval and Ancillary Data (Teletext, Closed Caption, WSS, AFD,…) and the configuration of MPEG-2 intrinsic parameters such as resolutions, aspect ratio and GOP. The encoders can emit simultaneously through the three mentioned transport interfaces (duplicated for ASI and IP) and offer the possibility of operating in N+1 redundancy. Generation of up to 4 simultaneous PMTs (one TV channel and up to 3 radio channels), generation of audio and video patterns and HbbTV signalling as features.

SIVAC MAE is an audio encoder with capacity for up to 4 pairs of audio both in AES and in analogue with output in SDH, ASI or IP (like the MVE y MVD depending on the model) which encodes in MPEG-1 algorithm. It also has the capacity to work in N+1 for redundancies and to generate up to 4 PMTs for 4 radio programs.

SIVAC MVE, MVD and MAE are available in two formats. A stand-alone of 1 RY with front display and keyboard for its configuration and another one in modular format with chassis of 2 RU with capacity for 4 slots and redundant power source. Both formats are manageable via website and via SNMP.

SIVAC MTS is a multiplexer with up to 8 ASI inputs and dual mirror output which allows for TS insertion both in MPEG-2 and in H.264, SD and HD with features such as blocking, and PIDs remapping, as well the automatic resolution of their conflicts, PMTs mix, input and output bandwidths control. They can operate with the output in MPEG, ATSC y DVB. Possibility of having virtual outputs switching for them to become a physical output depending on the available input flows in order to manage the redundancy of encoders.

SIVAC NMS is a management software for MVE, MVD and MAE based on client-server architecture which consists of three modules. SIVAC Server is the core of the system to which the devices are connected by SNMP to inform of alarms and configuration changes as well as allowing to change the settings of the devices. SIVAC Control is the user interface which displays those changes and alarms and through which the settings are modified. And lastly, SIVAC BD is the database which stores all the information about alarms and logs.