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LAGUNA – Multi-encoder H.264

LAGUNA ISDB is a multi-channel encoder family with integrate BTS re-mux and ISDB-Tb modulator in 1 RU. Supports H.264/MPEG-2
compression in HD and SD resolution. Input autodetection.

LAGUNA adds an internal modulator for DTT fully compatible with ISDB-Tb standard. Also incorporates the re-multiplexer to generate the BTS stream previous to the modulator.

LAGUNA presents up to 3 3G/HD-SDI/SDI video inputs, and up to 16 embedded audio mono channels. Internal audio and video pattern
generator. Logo insertion option.

LAGUNA has the ability to encode 3 simultaneous video channels besides an additional One-Seg channel from any other video input.

LAGUNA, besides modulated RF output, provides two DVB-ASI and two IP outputs (RTP/UDP with FEC SMPTE). All the outputs can be used simultaneously.

LAGUNA allows MPEG-1 Layer II and MPEG-4 AAC (LC/HE v1, HE v2), Dolby Digital and Digital Plus (option), Dolby Digital and Digital Plus(Pass-through), PCM (SMPTE-302M 16/20/24 bits) audio compression.

LAGUNA supports Ancillary Data and Vertical Interval process, Teletext SD and HD following OP47 standard, Closed Caption (CEA608, CEA708) and aspect ratio signalling (WSS and AFD). Option to support BISS 1 y BISS-E encryption.

LAGUNA can be configured and managed over web GUI, SNMP and front panel keyboard and display (including quick menu for configuration). To facilitate the operation, it is possible to store, create and delete pre-sets.

LAGUNA generates PSI/SI and PSIP tables compliant with ISDB-Tb, DVB and ATSC standards, allowing to edit their values. Also supports PSI external servers (Triveni Digital o standard TSoIP).

LAGUNA can work in 1+1 and N+1 redundancy without any external server and is also able to control Nevion video routers.

LAGUNA can be powered with one or two hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies (AC+AC, AC+DC y DC+DC).